SDG Tent at Davos 2019

Monday 21 – Friday, 25 January 2019. Location: Promenade 139, Davos

The SDG Tent at Davos 2019 is an impartial and open space where ideas, thought-leadership and unhindered dialogue can flourish and progress the global debate around the role of business and its capacity to deliver sustainable and inclusive development.

NOTE: Registration and access to the SDG tent does not give access to other events at the World Economic Forum. The SDG tent is outside of the security zone of the World Economic Forum. 

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7.30 – 8.30am
The role of business in scaling solutions for the SDGs. Purpose-driven action to drive the sustainable markets

Hosted by Royal DSM, a purpose-led global science-based company in nutrition, health and sustainable living, and moderated by the Financial Times’ Rana Foroohar with an exciting list of high-profile speakers this event will explore ways to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth while scaling solutions to drive delivery of the SDGs. The role of purpose for business will be addressed and examples of new business models will be given.

7.00 – 9.00am

Breaking the Myths and Stereotypes: Women in Leadership

This exclusive breakfast aims to explore the connection between gender stereotypes in leadership and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Leveraging insight from the Reykjavik Index for Leadership, we will discuss how the progress that SDGs aim for can only be sustainable and achievable if stereotypes are overcome. What needs to be done to make it acceptable for men to be the prime caretakers at home and women the CEOs?

12:00 – 13:30 pm

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Food and land systems are currently outstripping the planetary boundaries while still leaving millions hungry or at risk of diet-related disease. In this session, moderated by David Nabarro, Special Adviser to the UN on Sustainable Development & Founder of 4SD Foundation, leaders from business and other groups will build upon the newly published EAT-Lancet report, identifying market-based solutions where companies can act and drive outcomes.

12.00 – 14.00pm
What can nature do for us? How biodiversity contributes to delivering the SDGs

Hosted by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative with closing remarks from Sir David Attenborough, this panel explores the benefits nature provides for business, the role biodiversity itself can play in achieving the SDGs, and how innovative corporate behaviour change can facilitate the conservation of nature and our natural world.

16.00 – 17.00pm
Fighting for forests

A panel and reception brought by Docusign and Salesforce, which includes Dame Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist and anthropologist. This event will highlight why governments, businesses and other leaders have an urgent need to unite in the fight for forests.

17.00 – 19.00pm
Accelerating SDGs: Transforming business education

Panellists will address the need for innovation in the face of challenge, raise the visibility of action already underway and inspire new champions. Panellists include Paul Polman, the former CEO of Unilever (2008-2018); André Hoffmann, the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society at INSEAD and the Vice Chairman of Roche Holdings; Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD and Sadia Khan,  President of the INSEAD Alumni Association.

Hoffmann Global Institute for Business & Society – SDG Tent Panel 'Transforming Business Education'

Join our Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society live from the SDG Tent in Davos for a panel discussion on 'Transforming Business Education'.What can this sector do to address new global challenges, rethink business education and advance action on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Join us to explore how to inspire new champions and new business models that benefit business, society and the planet. #INSEADforGood #BusinessForSDGs #WEF19

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18.30 – 18.45pm

Witness the ceremonial signing of the extended MoU of Farm to Market Alliance global members

Three years after its formal launch, Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA) is working with 142,000 smallholder farmers across four countries and has recorded over US$23 million in farmers crop sales to commercial buyers. We invite you to witness and photograph the ceremonial signing of the extended Memorandum of Understanding of the FtMA global members. Please note the rest of this event is closed.


07.00 – 08.45am

Making Food and Nutrition Relevant Beyond SDG2: Income, Jobs and Gender

Hosted by Royal DSM, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Rabobank and IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative – this session will see corporate leaders, governments, NGOs and multilaterals engaging in action-oriented dialogue. Focusing on Africa, and feeding into the Tokyo 2020 Global Nutrition Summit, it will focus on catalysing business to make local food and nutrition systems deliver growth, income generation, job creation and health system development. Specifically, how to catalyse private investments to create a USD 1 trillion high-quality agri-food industry that will provide jobs and nutrition security for 2 billion healthy African consumers and, through innovation, transform local agri-food systems into drivers of the SDG agenda.

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08.00 – 09.00am

Acting against a risk that business cannot ignore: Partnerships for epidemic readiness.

The UPS Foundation invites you to a breakfast panel discussion with leaders from the private and public sector for a discussion on improving epidemic readiness and strengthening global health security. Panelists will reflect on lessons learned from previous and ongoing outbreaks, and discuss efforts to mitigate risks and impacts of future epidemics, giving special attention to private-public initiatives such as the Pandemic Supply Chain Network.

RSVPs to go to:  [email protected]

9.30 – 10.30am
Multi-sector climate action panel

This exclusive panel, hosted by Salesforce and Mission 2020, and moderated by the Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Convenor of Mission 2020, will examine how business, government and non-profit organizations can work together to combat climate change.

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12.00 – 14.00pm
Innovative business models in Africa

Luk Van Wassenhove, INSEAD Professor of Technology and Operations Management and Director of the INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group, will lead a workshop on “Innovative Business Models in Africa”. This working lunch will identify bottlenecks and challenges in achieving the SDGs for Africa and suggest innovative ways to overcome them. Participants include Thomas C. Barrett, Chairman of OECD Infrastructure Governance Forum; Liz Muange, USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub; Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council; John R. Allen, The Brookings Institution and Amandeep Singh Gill, United Nations.

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12.00 – 14.00pm
What is wealth? Re-valuing what matters for the 21st century

For decades, we’ve been getting wealth wrong – and now our societies are paying the price. Governments and businesses are increasingly realising that true, sustainable wealth is not merely financial, but includes the social, natural, and human capitals that underpin all economic activity. In this interactive lunch session, a leading panel of economists, financiers and business leaders will consider what true wealth will look like in the year 2030, and how our economies can prepare for this new reality.

15.00 – 16.00pm
One young voice: responses from young scholars from across the world

Hosted by the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust and introduced by the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, this panel and Q&A features an exciting line up of young people from emerging economies who will share their perspectives on the challenges faced by their home countries and how they are becoming change-makers for a better world.



12.00 – 14.00pm
Generation Africa: inspiring and enabling young entrepreneurs in Africa’s agri-food sector

Over 10 million young Africans join the labour force every year, yet over 60 percent are left unemployed. The lack of well-paid, meaningful jobs is a tragic squandering of human potential. Hosted by Yara and Econet this interactive lunch will discuss: “How can we unleash a dynamic cadre of youth entrepreneurs to drive inclusive growth in Africa’s agri-food system?”

"Generation Africa" Fireside Chat

#BreakingNews: "Generation Africa" Fireside Chat World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos, Switzerland Please join me and Svein Tore Holsether, CEO of Yara International (the world's largest crop nutrient company, based in Norway) as we discuss "Generation Africa," an exciting new partnership initiative reflecting our shared vision of the need to inspire and support young agri-food entrepreneurs across the African continent. Our fireside chat will also include two WEF Young Global Leaders and entrepreneurs: Nigerian Ms Ada Osakwe, founder and CEO of Agrolay and South Africa-based Ms Rapelang Rabana, founder of Rekindle Learning and Yeigo. The co-creation conversation will be moderated by social entrepreneur and WEF Young Global Leader, Ms Katie Hill, who serves as Liquid Telecom's Global Director of Power and Strategic Initiatives, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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17.00 – 19.00 
The future of leadership

Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean of INSEAD, will moderate a discussion on “The Future of Leadership” to look at how leaders can and must navigate the increasingly complex business and governance landscape of the Digital Age, with real-world insight and actionable takeaways. Panellists include Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork; Rain Yu Long, CHRO at; Maheen Rahman, CEO of Alfalah GHP Investment Management and Feike Sijbesma, CEO of DSM. 

19.30 – 22.00pm 

The Nature Action Agenda: Championing a New Deal for Nature and People

In this high-level dinner, we will discuss how nature loss and climate change already cost us more than $300 billion per year, and catalyse a group of champions drawn from business, government, international organisations, and civil society to scale ambition and progress on nature, as well as provide momentum for a timely broad-based Nature Action Agenda that helps forge a “New Deal” for nature and people.

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07.00 – 09.00am
Business impact on nature: harnessing corporate action in the new deal for nature and people

WWF invites corporate sustainability leaders to discuss how business action can be initiated and scaled up to address some of the key sectoral drivers of the loss of nature – including expansion of food production, loss of habitats, unsustainable infrastructure, and over-fishing. The focus will be on translating commitments into action and implementation on the ground. We will propose an idea for a platform to support corporate action as an input for further discussion on how to achieve impact at scale.

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